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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 28, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> reporter: at powell and market, pro-tibetan protesters called for a boycott of everything made? china. >> stop killing innocent people! >> reporter: from people to animals, people for the ethical treatment of animals, p.e.t.a., stood in front of high-end clothing stores decrying the sale of fur. >> what do we want? animals free! >> reporter: they marched around union square from bcgd's to saks fifth avenue to macy's. usc grad ephraim walker told me he's made a youtube video calling for a black friday boycott. the oakland native was a consultant in the film "fruitvale," based on the shooting of oscar grant. he said getting people to turn away from shopping on the busiest shopping affidavit year could send a message. >> people at the top may say, we recognize the people of america are unhappy with what's going on and they may flex some of their
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economic muscle. >> reporter: but if it's unclear how the dots connect from black friday shopping boy cots to race relations and shootings, well, you've got company. >> people want to spend, spending's good. >> i don't know that protesting shopping would help their cause. >> we don't see how it's affecting it. and, well, it's benefiting us in a way. >> because of the bargains. >> yeah. >> reporter: the protests to the police shooting of michael brown just now beginning to form up. we have seen a couple of signs across the street at the ferry building. they're going to be marching up market and presumably back down here to the embarcadero. they had told police they're going to be out for four hours. we'll have an update for you coming up at 6:00. a huge headache for many trying to get in and out of san francisco. pretty rare that bart faces a problem so big that it halts
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transbay service but that's what happened earlier today. christie smith is live at west oakland with more on that part of the story. this is a highly unusual thing to shut down the trains. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. and right now i have to say the trains are running again as normal. but demonstrators say they wanted their action to shut down these trains to go much long i. they wanted it to go more than four hours. it didn't go that long. still, they feel that they were effective in getting their message across in a peaceful way, that it wasn't business as usual. >> stop the lies, mike brown didn't have to die! >> reporter: protesters linked arms and locked themselves to a bench and a hand rail inside bart trains on both platforms at west oakland bart station. >> we are interrupting black friday commerce specifically to send a very important message, which is that black lives matter. we want to send this message in the wake of the decision to not indict with the ferguson verdict. >> indict! >> reporter: trains did not move
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in or out of san francisco for more than an hour on this busy shopping and travel day. as a large crowd of demonstrators also gathered outside and riders waited. christian banister just returned from visiting family in l.a. >> yeah, it's really frustrating right now. you know, there's protests going around in the country and i always thought, something won't happen to me, that won't affect me, right? >> i'm so upset due to the protests. this is my first day going to be late to work. >> reporter: buses provided parallel services. firefighters arrived as police gave the order to disperse. >> the police department with the help of the fire department, we were able to disconnect the handlebar rail from one train and get the protesters freed from the train. we were able to do so without any known injury to any of the protesters. >> reporter: more than a dozen protesters were arrested. though the situation seems to remain peaceful. >> we want an equal place in america.
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>> reporter: those arrests were for a number of reasons, according to bart police. mainly interfering with a railway, and trespassing. despite the protests shoppers did manage to find their way to the stores. we'll talk more about that part of the story in just a few moments including some details on why many local shoppers are expected to spend a little more than last year. what economists are saying about today's deals. now to our other big story. getting ready for days of rain. taking a live look at san rafael. pretty cloudy overhead. rob mayeda's been watching this closely. where is it going to fall, how long are we going to get rained on? >> right now around san rafael, to the north we have rain falling. to the north of santa rosa crossing the ghost into sonoma county. healdsburg a little bit of rain for the far north bay right now. the rain line will continue to head off toward the south. right now partly cloudy skies in
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san jose. here's a view into the north bay. healdsburg, that's a look at some of the light rain on approach right now. so for the weekend, this is system one of two that we'll see between now and sunday afternoon. then a third system for the middle part of next week. rain in the north bay to start tonight, pushing southward after midnight. breezy conditions. then as the next wave comes in for tomorrow night to sunday, could have a slight chance of some thunder along the coast. rain totals could be the highest in some places since the end of february. we're talking about areas in the north bay that could get more than be a inch or two of rain out of these systems. that and the timeline for weekend plans where the rain will fall here and the snow in the sierra in the forecast. tonight another bay area police agency is facing questions, tough questions about the actions of one of its officers. this time it's a palo alto policeman where an officer sent racy photos to his boss. he got them from the phone of a female suspect in his custody. michelle roberts joining us live
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from palo alto with more. chp officer just lost his job over similar allegations. not clear whether this officer is still on the job. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. according to this report, he was held accountable, but we don't know if he's still employed here in palo alto. apparently this detective was looking through a woman's phone for evidence involved in a burglary investigation. that's when he found these pictures and decided to send them. a palo alto police officer is said to have been caught stealing explicit photos from the phone of a woman he arrested. then sending them to his boss. an independent police audit released this week doesn't name the officer involved, but says he was looking for evidence on the suspected burglar's cell phone when he found a racy picture. >> at some point, one of the detectives involved in the investigation forwarded a photograph of a woman from her phone to his acting supervisor. >> reporter: independent police
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auditor michael said the officer was health responsible but couldn't give details regarding his punishment. the incident comes a month and a half after dublin-based chp officer sean harrington was taken off the job and charged with two counts of computer data theft. harrington is accused of sharing nude pictures from suspects' cell phones with other officers as part of what's described in court documents as a game. >> what's problematic with these cases involving chp and now palo alto police department is it undermines the public trust in the police department. >> reporter: legal analyst steve clark argues palo alto police should have handed the case over to the d.a.'s office for further investigation. >> this could lead to a civil rights case for violation of the arrestees' privacy interests. >> reporter: here in palo alto the supervisor who received that text took two weeks to report the issue. he wasn't punished but he was counseled in the future to report issues earlier.
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san francisco police are investigating another violent attack involving uber cars. this time the victim was the driver. this happened early sunday morning in san francisco's richmond district. the driver was dropping off a passenger when police say the passenger attacked. the suspect was found and arrested on charges of aggravated assault. this is the third reported uber attack in the bay area. the first one took place in september. in that case police say the driver hit a passenger in the face with a hammer after the passenger told him he was going the wrong way. this is video of that victim. the second uber attack happened last month after a woman says her driver tried to drag her out of the car over a disagreement about her destination. chp saying this week's massive sideshow in oakland was busted in part by bad timing. anticipating demonstrations over ferguson's grand jury report, law enforcement was out in full force. they say they were able to erect a blockade around the action. a chp chopper recorded detailed video of over 100 cars doing
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illegal stunts and racing. that video could lead to big charges against the estimated 2 200 people who were drivers or spectators -- even attending a sideshow is against california law. >> i believe one vehicle lost control, came very close to colliding with onlookers. >> investigators chose not to arrest anyone at the scene but they cited unlicensed drivers. they say they are waiting to gather enough evidence to bring more significant charges. two hand guns were found, a stolen car was burned, one person charged with child endangerment for bringing along several children. a follow-up regarding former nfl running back ray rice, a judge ruled today his suspension is over and should have never happened in the first place. rice was suspended two games after assaulting his fiancee in an elevator. when individual i don't have the brulg attack was alized rice was cut from the ravens and suspended from the league indefinitely. today a former u.s. district judge ruled the league should not have suspended rice for a
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second time for conduct the nfl already knew about. rice is now eligible to sign with any team unless he's added to the commissioner-exempt list. coming up tonight, a black mark for a black friday marketer. tech troubles created big problems for one of the hottest sites this black friday. live in milpitas, plaque friday is still under way. the shopping crowds were a bit thin they are year. find out why after the break. it's great. >> a bay area artist who is helping people in a big way by thinking small. coming up, he's inspiring an international movement in "bay area proud." ç3ç3ççç
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today one of the biggest electronics retailers ended up with egg on the face. best buy crashed before 7:00 a.m. and again this afternoon. online shoppers were greeted with "we're worry." is unavailable, check back soon. the company says spikes in traffic caused is problems but it was up and running the majority of the day. those who decided to make the trip to a best buy store or other stores likely noticed the crudes, not as bad as they have been in the past. nannette miranda joining us from the great mall in milpitas with what's behind the smaller crowds. >> reporter: online shopping, when it's working. and retailers getting a jump on black friday by opening a day earlier on thanksgiving day. some crowds went yesterday, others went today. so it kind of breaks up the whole mob experience there. but black friday now is a multi-day experience, producing what's expected to be a very lucrative season for retailers.
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>> right now we're not too busy. >> reporter: not too busy on black friday morning? unheard of. just ask best buy employee maria, who worked her first black friday in 2006. >> eight years ago it was a lot different. it was so crazy with crowds. >> reporter: because major retailers now open their doors thursday and offer holiday deals all weekend long, rather than just one day, it's a whole different experience. >> i just like to come out to see crazy crowds of people. it's a little calmer today. >> reporter: some shoppers don't like the trend of opening thursday for black friday. carly of los gatos purposely stayed home after thanksgiving celebrations to protest the earlier start to the shopping season. >> i don't like the thought of that. i think it's -- for the workers, you know. the people who want to be with their families and they don't have a choice. >> reporter: no matter your position on early black fridays, the internet is always on. just remember cyber thieves are smarter and more efficient than ever at stealing credit card
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information. says early sales show i pad 2s and wii-us were selling every second before selling out. itunes gift cards were selling every two seconds. had its second biggest online sales day ever on thanksgiving day. >> give it up for walmart! >> reporter: employees and supporters held rallies throughout the country reminding shoppers the retail giant could do better by boosting wages. walmart says most of those protesters are labor union members, not associates. the economy is so good in the bay area right now that shoppers are expected to spend above the national average, about $1,900 nor the holidays. a retail analyst says you should wait on certain things that will be lower in price later on in the season. i'll tell you which items coming up at 6:00. home for the holidays is a phrase you hear a lot this time of year. of course with became who don't
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have a place to call home, it's impossible. however, there is an oakland man who spent the past few years combating homelessness in his neighborhood. in a very unique and creative way. here's garvin thomas with tonight's "bay area proud." all right, we hope to get that back for you for garvin, a little audio issue. if you know who makes you bay area proud, garvin would love to hear from you. head to click on "bay area proud" on our site. e-mail garvin your idea, follow him on twitter, or watch nerve i nerve the 200 "bay area proud" stories we have already broadcast. with thanksgiving in the rear-view mirror we now look ahead to the rest of the holiday season. taking a live look outside at san jose's annual celebration, christmas in the park. you can see very busy tonight. it opened with tonight's tree lighting ceremony.
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for its 35th year, organizers are now putting emphasis on giving. tonight's visitors are encouraged to bring canned goods for the second harvest food bank. a forest of decorated trees is the setting for 60 animated exhibits which will remay on display through january 1st. rob mayeda here with the microclimate forecast. it's not going to rain on those folks? >> later, as we get into tomorrow we'll see some of that. christmas in the park is going to look like lake tahoe. a winter weather advisory. if you're traveling there, snow levels 6,000 feet, 6 to 12 inches of snow. the ski resorts loving that. up toward king vale, over a foot of snow by sunday. this is the first wave as another sister team coming in next week that will toss more snow toward the sierra. mainly dry, the exception to the rule up toward healdsburg in the north bay. you've been seeing light rain dropping from the north. the healdsburg view from weather
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underground, you can see mostly cloudy skies. mainly light rain falling right now. we'll continue to see that rain start to set up as we get into later on tonight. we'll see that raindrop out of the north bay and push further south as we get into the second half of the evening. we'll begin to see that rain drop south across the bay area. healdsbu healdsburg, you can see we've got mostly cloudy skies. we're going to switch over to our other weather computer quickly. we can show you what we're going to be seeing coming up later on tonight as this system continues to push further south into the bay area. so this is the first round of rain that we've been watching coming from north to south. and starting off there in the north bay, and it will push into the south bay after midnight tonight. that is when we're expecting this next round of rain to come in as we see mostly cloudy skies right now there in the north bay. if we could switch to site 2, you'll see that the winter weather advisory is our big
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story toward the sierra. tonight we'll see probably 6 to 12 inches of snow there by the end of the weekend. for the bay area we're looking at 50s and 60s right now. and we will see that rain dropping out of the north bay after midnight tonight, heading south as we get towards tomorrow morning. so mostly cloudy skies for now. then as you get into saturday, rain in the south bay. 7:00 a.m., you're looking at scattered showers. a brief break saturday evening. another round will start to drop in as we get into sunday. a rain total, mostly in the north bay for saturday. as we get into sunday you'll begin to see more of that rain pushing further south into the south bay as we get into the rest of the weekend plans. so rain at times for your saturday. mainly for the first half of the day around san jose. san francisco seeing highs in the low 60s. out towards walnut creek 62 for a high. scattered showers likely for the last game, the home game here for cal, taking on byu. we'll see temperatures close to 60 around game time. over the next five days, here is
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your weekend plans. the scattered showers, break in the action there on monday. then tuesday and wednesday get ready for more rain. some of that rain could include about an inch or two through parts of the north bay before things finally start to dry out as we head toward the end of next week. >> a hlot of activities this weekend, thanks. ♪
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♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it. we are getting more details on a collision that left a chp officer with major injuries. investigators say they consider last night's incident an accident. the officer was exiting highway 101 onto lawrence expressway in sunnyvale and hit by another driver. authorities say that motorist is suspected of driving through a red light before hitting the officer. the driver has been cited.
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the chp officer is expected to recover. another setback for san jose's mayor in his campaign for state pension reform. an appeals court has dismissed mayor chuck reed's legal challenge over the wording of his proposed ballot measure. this is a follow-up to the lawsuit that reid lost earlier this year. he disagreed with the "ballot summary" written by the attorney general's office saying it could bias voters. the sacramento judge said the summary was accurate. reid appealed, now an appeals court has upheld that ruling. the people responsible for the increase in cover california enrollment are taking issue with program leaders because several insurance agents who helped enroll thousands into the program still have not been paid. according to the "los angeles times," some delayed paychecks may go back as far as june. unpaid agents are responsible for enrolling more than 500,000 people into so-called obamacare. cover california's executive director says the problems are being addressed and they hope to start backpaying agents next
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an oakland man combating homelessness in his neighborhood is taking on the problem in a unique and creative way. here's "bay area proud." >> greg claim is an oakland artist who's had a fascination for small living spaces. he made a naid name for himself when he created a home out of a dumpster. really. when we first aired gregging
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greg's story it was because he thought of a way to help people in a big way while still thinking small. if it were stories greg was after, he'd have no problem finding them. among the piles of illegally dumped trash that appear each morning in greg's west oakland neighborhood -- >> here looks like a little one. >> reporter: -- there are clues that tell the story of how each one got there. >> you got lightbulbs, a little grow mixed here, this is a marijuana operation dump. >> reporter: greg isn't interested in stories. just happy endings. and so takes only what he needs to build them. greg is an artist who's long held a fascination with small living spaces. he once built a home out of a dumpster. greg also marvels at the shelters his homeless neighbors
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construct out of material they find on the street. so a couple of years ago, greg gathered some of those materials and built one himself. and that was that. or so he thought. until one rainy night, a homeless woman knocked on greg's door, asking for a tarp. >> i didn't have a tarp. i said, i'm sorry. i went back in. i walked past my home and thought, what am i doing? i ran back outside said, hey, come back tomorrow, i'll have a home for you. as soon as i gave it away it felt so good for me. it was like, oh, wow. this is great. these people are so happy. >> reporter: felt so good, greg decided to do it again. and again. and again. with the help afro dating cast of volunteers, greg has now built more than a dozen homes for the homeless. all are on wheels. all made solely out of the materials greg pulls each morning from trash piles.
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and all are destined to make a homeless neighbor's life a little drier, a little safer. >> it's great. to have my own place to be. >> reporter: judging by the look on kelly's face, a whole lot happier. >> great idea. very cool. thank you so much for joining us. "nightly news" is next. any other things to worry about tonight? >> rain dropping out of the north bay. this is the first wave, round one into tomorrow morning. then sunday morning we have that second system that comes in. notice here for san jose, san francisco, a bit of a break monday. then tuesday and wednesday, south bay has the potential to have the heaviest rain come in with that midweek system. for the north bay, areas around santa rosa, you'll likely have the rain off and on for the next five days. tonight you're getting it now. into sunday morning, showers. tuesday and wednesday, between now and wednesday, could pick up 3 to 4 inches in north bay hilltops and 1 to 2 inches around the rest of the bay area, most since the end of february. >> that's fantastic. great news there.
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find out more at on our broadcast this friday night, cleared to play in the nfl. ray rice wins the appeal of his suspension. tonight, our first look at an nbc news exclusive, matt lauer interviews his wife. what a rush. shoppers blitz into the stores where some of them encounter protesters angry over the events in ferguson, trying to stand between shoppers and deals. buried in snow. two young boys found themselves trapped by a snowplow setting off a frantic search and rescue. and food fight. how a curious thanksgiving recipe has managed to tick off an entire state known for its niceness. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this "


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